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Host: Jonathan Mitchell
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Jonathan Mitchell here, the founder & host of the Podcast Unleash Greatness, where I focus on the ultimate self and personal development tips, stories, and strategies to assist you unleash greatness in your life. We focus on subjects every week on one of the 4 squares of life: 1-physical and emotional health, 2-spiritual and financial wealth, 3-healthy friends, family, and love partner relationships, and 4-perfect self expression in career, side hustle, or business. We have 3 shows a week, Monday is an interview with an expert guest, Wednesday is a Book Review, and Friday is my sheep day where I talk about wherever I feel is best for the day. Enjoy and Tune in and subscribe. www.unleashg.com

About the Host

Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan is a certified life, success, and emotional health coach. He is also an award winning songwriter, singer, and producer with his songs being featured on FOX Sports and Mood Media. He is passionate about assisting others in bringing out their passion and greatness. He has coached thousands of people from one on one clients to group coaching both on and offline.

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