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Frequently Asked Questions

For Listeners

How much does it cost to sign up as a Listener?
The PodSearch™ website and app (available for both iOS and Android devices) is free for all Listeners.  You can sign up for a free account to get special features, like bookmarking podcasts to save them across all of your devices. 
Is there a mobile app for PodSearch™?
Yes! PodSearch has a free mobile app for listeners that is available for iOS and Android devices. Just go to the App Store or the Google Play store and search for "PodSearch".
What is the MyPodSearch™ tool?
The MyPodSearch™ feature was designed to help listeners easily find podcasts that match all of their interests in one screen. Instead of having to search category by category, MyPodSearch™ allows you to choose all categories that interest you at once. You can enter up to three keywords that you want to search for, as well. Once you have made your selections, click the yellow "Get MyPodSearch™ Results Below!" button to generate a consolidated list of podcasts that match your interests
What does "Top Shows" mean?
The Top Shows tab will show you the Top 100 podcasts listed in PodSearch by average audience size.
What does "New Shows" mean?
The New Shows tab will show you podcasts that have launched within the last three months. Stay in-the-know about new podcasts by checking this tab regularly.
What does "Bookmark This" mean?
The "Bookmark This" feature allows you to save podcast pages to review or listen to later. If you find podcasts that you want to save, simply click the "Bookmark This" link or bookmark icon.
How do I find my Bookmarked Podcasts?
To find your list of Bookmarked Podcasts:
  • PodSearch Website: Go to the MyPodSearch tab and click the "See My Bookmarked Podcasts" link at the top right. You can also access your Bookmarked Podcasts by going to the Welcome menu at the top right and clicking the Profile section.
  • PodSearch App: Click the MyPodSearch tab at the bottom, then click the My Bookmarked Podcasts tab under the search bar. You can also click the Settings gear in the top right corner and select My Bookmarked Podcasts.
What are "Show Samples"?
Show samples are quick audio clips from the podcast to give you an idea of what it sounds like.
How do I listen to a podcast? 
Use any of the PodSearch search features to find a podcast that matches your interests. Once you get to the podcast's page, go to the "Listen Now" section on the right side to find the listening platform that works with your device. Click that button and you can start listening right away!
What does "subscribe to a podcast" mean?
Subscribing to a podcast means that you are telling your device to automatically download new episodes of that podcast for you as they are released. It's the best and easiest way to make sure that podcast episodes are ready for you to hear whenever you want. For most podcasts, it is absolutely free to subscribe. For some podcasts though, there may be a subscription fee.
How do I subscribe to a podcast?
When you click on a "Listen Now" button for either Apple or Android devices through the PodSearch podcast page, you will be taken to a listening page where you can subscribe to the podcast. There will be a "Subscribe" button near the top of the listening platform page. Hit that button to start automatically downloading new epiosdes of that podcast as they are released. If you ever want to unsubscribe to a podcast, you can just hit the Unsubscribe button on the podcast listening page.
How are podcasts ranked?
By default, podcasts are ranked according to their number of average downloads per episode provided by the podcasts (referred to as "Popularity" in PodSearch). On the Top Shows and New Shows tabs, you can also sort by category using the "Sort By" dropdown menu.
Why should I sign up for a free Listener account?
Signing up for a free account gives you access to special features, like bookmarking podcasts to make them available across all of your devices. 
How do I change my password?
Changing your password is easy. On the PodSearch website, go to the Welcome menu and click Account Settings to change your password. On the PodSearch app, click the Settings gear and click Profile to change your password.
I have a question not covered here.
Please feel free to contact us directly through our Contact Us page with any additional questions.
Why PodSearch - for Podcasters

Frequently Asked Questions

For Podcasters

How do I set up a listing?
Setting up your PodSearch podcast listing is easy! Click the “Are You A Podcaster?” link in the top right corner of the homepage, scroll down, and hit the “Get Started Now” button. Once you have signed up for a Podcaster account, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Click the “Create My Podcast Listing” button, fill out the easy one-page listing form, then click on the “Activate My Listing” button at the bottom of the listing form to make your podcast listing live on the PodSearch website and mobile app.
How much does it cost to list my podcast?
It is free to create a podcast listing on PodSearch!
Why should I list my podcast on PodSearch?
PodSearch is a great way to get your podcast discovered by more listeners and potential advertisers. For more details on what PodSearch provides, click here.
Can I list multiple podcasts?
Yes! If you have more than one podcast, enter listings for each of them under your PodSearch Podcaster account. At the bottom of each of your podcast pages will be tiles showcasing your other podcasts to listeners in the "Discover Other Podcasts from This Group" section, which is great for cross promotion. Please note, you must be authorized to represent a podcast to list it on PodSearch.
What can I include in my listing?
We offer many fields as part of the listing form, including show descriptions, host names, host bios, podcast logos, short teaser audio clips, social media account links, listening links, photos, videos, and more. Include as much or as little information as you want about your podcast for listeners to review.
How often can I update my listing?
You can update your listing as often as you like! With PodSearch, you control the information that you share with listeners. Feel free to update and add links, add new audio clips, update your download numbers for backend ranking purposes, change show descriptions or host names, promote upcoming events, and more.
How many Categories can I enter for my podcast?
You can choose either of the following options:
  • Select up to two Subcategories under one main Category
  • Select up to one Subcategory under two separate main Categories
  • You are required to have at least one Category/Subcategory chosen per podcast.
What is the recommended file size for the podcast logo?
We accept JPG, GIF or PNG files. Your logo will load faster if it is under 50KB and 300x300. (Please note, animated gif files are not supported.)
How many audio clips can I upload? What are the specifications?
You can upload up to two (2) short audio clips as show samples for listeners and advertisers to hear. We recommend two- to three-minute clips. MP3 format is preferred and each audio clip cannot exceed 25MB.
What does "average downloads per episode" mean? Why do you need that number for my podcast?
PodSearch uses average downloads per episode to rank the podcasts in search results. Please enter the average number of downloads that you get for one episode (from the date it releases through four weeks) into the designated field in the listing form. Please note, this number will not be displayed publically on the site.
How are podcasts ranked for the listing results pages?
Podcasts are ranked on the backend by average download numbers per episode, which are provided by the podcasters. These download numbers are not displayed publically anywhere on the site.
How do I remove a listing?
To remove a listing, log into your PodSearch Podcaster account and on your Dashboard, select "Delete" for the listing that you want to remove from the directory. Please note, once you delete a listing, the information and any past reporting data cannot be retrieved.
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Please feel free to contact us directly through our Contact Us page with any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Advertisers

I am interested in exploring podcast advertising campaigns. What options does PodSearch provide?
If you are new to podcast advertising or don’t have the bandwidth or resources to execute campaigns in-house, rely on our full-service advertising agency, PodSearchAD™, to do the work for you. Our team of podcast advertising experts will find targeted podcasts, create proposals, place buys that you approve, help create the ad copy, monitor and optimize the campaign, plus more. Contact us today to get started!
Where can I learn more about the services that PodSearchAD™ offers?
Visit this site for more information on our full-service advertising agency, PodSearchAD™:
I have a question not covered here.
Please feel free to contact us directly through our Contact Us page with any additional questions.