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Host: Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.
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#81 Happiness – An Advanced Happiness Skill

#106 Happiness – Hedonic Adaptation

About the Podcast

Do you ever wonder what it takes to lead a peaceful, happy life? Are you curious about the specific steps involved in a self-actualized, limitless life? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Or are you just plain tired and want some help? We explore all these concerns and more every week on the Happiness Podcast, which has been downloaded over 7 million times since its inception. Happiness does not happen by chance, but because we take specific actions in our lives to create it. Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., author of 13 books, TV show host, Psychology Today blogger, and corporate trainer, has been studying the actions it takes to reach the highest levels of human achievement for decades, and he wants to share what he knows with you. Come and explore, along with millions of others from the Happiness Podcast, Dr. Puff books, Psychology Today blog, and corporate workshop attendees, the specific steps to take so that you can soar in your life. To learn more, go to: http://www.HappinessPodcast.org

About the Host

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Puff is an internationally recognized Speaker and Clinical Psychologist who helps companies and organizations identify and correct problems that are limiting their employees’ job performances. He believes that a happy place of business is more efficient, successful and profitable. Studies show that many people are unhappy at work, which can be due to personal problems, family life, or not feeling fulfilled on the job. Dr. Puff’s popular workshops and seminars help employee teams learn how to overcome problems to become much more engaged, enthusiastic, and productive. He uses proven principles to solve spiritual, emotional, nutritional, and physical aspects of individuals in the workplace. For several years, Dr. Puff has been ranked as the number-one U.S. “clinical psychologist” on Google. Because of his reputation as an expert on a variety of mental health issues, he has been interviewed regularly by various media outlets and has been quoted over 1,000 times. He co-hosted the weekly TV program, The Holistic Success Show, which was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Fit TV for six months. His “Happiness Podcast,” which focuses on ways for all of us to live a happier life, is regularly ranked among the top podcasts on iTunes. For years, Dr. Puff has been a regular blogger for Psychology Today. Dr. Puff has authored 13 books on a variety of topics, including relationships, anger management, holistic healing and happiness. His two books, Finding Our Happiness Flow, and Anger Work: How to Express Your Anger and Still be Kind, have been on the Best Seller list at Amazon.com. His book, How to Live a Positive Life: The Art of Living Well, was a number-one bestseller at iTunes books in the “Self-Improvement” category. He regularly helps people and businesses all over the world via his corporate workshops, besides having a private practice in Newport Beach, California

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