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Much like their fluidity from one generation to the next, a record spins on, track to track, baring intermittent snaps, crackles, and pops. Vinyl demands intention, perusing the shelf for one to match your mood; demands touch, pulling it from the sleeve, placing it on the turntable; demands connection, passing it along, one pair of hands to the next. Vinyl demands to be reached for and to reach you—music always does, doesn’t it? —carrying you to the first time you heard a record and who was by your side. This program bridges the gap between past and present through music, the people who create it, and those of us who listen. If you’re looking for somewhere to go, then by all means, welcome to the sound of your escape. This is the all-vinyl since 2009, Black Circle Radio.

About the Host

Mitch Anderson

Our host, Mitch-A-Palooza has been hosting Black Circle Radio since his days in college back in 2009. Since then the program has grown to the point where he has quit his full-time job to pursue independent, free-form, all-vinyl radio full-time, as well as being a stay at home dad to him and his wife Debra's 1 year old son, Levon. Black Circle Radio is live every Monday night from 7:30-9:300pm EST on Muskegon 100.9 WFFR-LP which is a local station in West Michigan. This program is live and co-hosted by his wife Debra (aka DJ Crinkle), good friend Rory (aka Roclo), a phenomenal engineer and voice over artist, Todd "Behind the Board", and a very large pool of local and national guests who all bring their unique mix of vinyl to showcase on the program. The program is also live every Wednesday morning from 9:00am - 10:00am EST on a great online radio station out of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan called SoR Radio which Mitch hosts solo. Mitch is also the host and producer of the all-vinyl radio program 'Stax of Wax' which is presented by the simply amazing vinyl subscription company, Vinyl Me, Please.

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